Equal Rights in Dancehall

Dancehall is at a crossroads. On one hand, it is the voice of a people who have always expressed themselves with filter, on the other, it's quick to judge others by its own set of rules. So what happens when Dancehall itself is used to glorify a taboo act? 

Why They Scam...

The Lottery Scamming has now reached fever pitch in Jamaica, the FBI now moves to curb it and the first batch has been extradited. Money empires are falling and the rats now try to flee the sinking ship. Fingers are being pointed, old friendships are being questioned; The question on every Jamaican's lips is who is next? The question many Americans ask is why did they do this?

The Grammys, Women in Trouble

Its your morning coffee break! Interesting topics to read about while you have you tea or breakfast. Today we look at the Grammys and whether we should even have a Reggae category, the issues facing Jamaica's women and also our big up post of the day! Bonus at the end wink, wink.