The Predator Pt.3

The Predator Pt.3

The Wolf is a wonderful feat of nature’s engineering. Evolving over millions of years, its features have been tuned and refined to perfection. Its long legs enable it to sprint at up to 40 miles per hour in order to capture its prey, it has a remarkable sense of smell, excellent eye sight…. And they travel in packs. A true predator, it hunts with the grace and poise of a well-oiled machine. It is the same with this Predator.

He remembered his first time stalking an underage girl, he was but a fresh-faced graduate starting at a top corporate company. He could’ve blended in with any of the suits in his company except one faithful lunch hour….

The girl was from a high school in the area, he didn’t bother to figure which it was. She couldn’t have been more than 15 yet her body could’ve passed for 19 years old. She had firm breasts, full lips, bright eyes and long legs hidden by a too short skirt that hinted at more with every step she took. Clothing like this was against her school’s code of conduct but who was checking? The teachers already had their hands full just trying to teach them. Getting her into the car was relatively easy, the lure of money, fast food, and phone cards worked splendidly, he would’ve given so much more had she asked but for now, she seemed content to sit in the front seat after her evening classes. If she only knew the car wasn’t his, borrowed from his old college friend who was off the island. He shook the thought from his mind, he had to focus on the task at hand…

So wha gwaan fi mi today?” he asked playfully.

“Wha you want gwaan fi yuh?” She responded while continuing to eat the Devon House ice crem.

“What you think mi want gwaan?” he asked while smirking, it came off as nothing but a lecherous grin but she was too deep into texting and enjoying the ice cream to notice.

She had sent him nude pictures and videos, teasing him almost incessantly until he almost begged her for her body. He had played along but now he wanted to collect on his investment, no more toying around.

“A ride yuh wah ride mi?”

As usual he was surprised by her candid nature in talking about sex, it wasn’t helped by the fact that she used the most crass language to describe her sexual fantasies. Sex was not new to her despite being a child.

“If a that fi gwaan, then yeah.” He replied nonchalantly. He knew that if she refused he would probably cry the tears of a newborn baby, he wanted her that badly but he couldn’t let her know; power had to be maintained in this relationship and if she knew how he wanted her he would lose that sense of control.

She finished the ice cream cone and looked at him, a smile played on her lips and she started to slowly fumble with her school tie.

“Find somewhere private then.” She said as she finally started undoing the knot at the top.

He sped through a small opening in the traffic and broke two red lights, leaving a trail of angry drivers behind but he didn’t care. The secluded spot he had chosen was empty as usual, just as he had planned. He had selected many in advance just for this day and he mentally patted himself on the pack for his planning. As he pulled into the parking lot, he glanced over and saw she was already down to her panties and already had her bra off, idly playing with her nipple. He hurriedly parked and tried to pace himself for what was to come.


“Mi know” She whispered as she leaned over and kissed him. It was a young kiss, more lips than anything but it was sweet as honey. He groped her body as he sought to feel every inch of her but suddenly pulled back and the act surprised her.

“Is wha happen? Yuh nah enjoy yuhself?” She asked with a look of offended curiosity on her face. If she had merely glanced at his pants she wouldn’t have asked that question.

“Yeah man, but mi haffi call mi boss and mek him know mi a go late” he replied, pulling out his cell phone and speed dialling his office. The automated answering machine prompted him to leave a message:

“Good Evening Sir, the meeting I went out to is taking a bit longer than expected….”

He gasped as she reached over and pulled his pants zipper down and began to stroke him. Slowly at first but then gradually sped up..

“But you’ll get the report as soon as the details of the contract are sent over” he finished the last sentence in a rush of words as she had placed her mouth over his organ and began sucking. He tossed the phone aside and attacked her.



The phone continued recording in the background....

The Predator Pt. 4

The Predator Pt. 4

March for Women's day, Saving your data and Big Up of the day

March for Women's day, Saving your data and Big Up of the day