Sunday Meditation: Learn to Shut Up

Sunday Meditation: Learn to Shut Up

We are in the most connected time of our lives. The smartphone and social media have changed how we communicate with each other and the ability to talk to anyone with the press of a button has achieved wonderful things. We can now make friends across nations, have conversations with people across the country and even different languages. But with all off these different ways of communicating, we have forgotten how to shut up…

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat I could go on and on with the different social media sites but we all have our own different addictions to them. We share over 350 million photos on Facebook and 52 million on Instagram every day. People are eager to let their every thought and movement be known but fail to realise it’s good to keep people guessing about your movements and what you think. Hear me out, the recent US election proves this where we had strong opinions and frequent fights breaking out on various news profiles and even on individual profiles. People have become so conditioned that that their voices MUST be heard, they haven’t stopped to consider do I add anything to this conversation or am I just talking out my ass? Am I arguing for argument’s sake or am I learning/teaching anything in this exchange? But no, narcissism has begun to reign high and MY OPINION matters more than anyone else’s therefore I must be heard regardless of the consequences.

Speaking of consequences, this is probably the least thought of section of any social media post. We just upload with no regard: our location is on, long paragraphs about who we hang out with and how we feel about them, careless videos and photos of questionable acts. Even some of these simple games we play give out information that can be used against us. Below are some examples of the most common security questions for gaining access to social media or email accounts by resetting the passwords:

·         What is the first and last name of your first boyfriend or girlfriend?

·         Which phone number do you remember most from your childhood?

·         What was your favorite place to visit as a child?

·         Who is your favorite actor, musician, or artist?

·         What is the name of your favorite pet?

·         In what city were you born?

·         What high school did you attend?

·         What is the name of your first school?

·         What is your favorite movie?

·         What is your mother's maiden name?

·         What street did you grow up on?

·         What was the make of your first car?

·         When is your anniversary?

·         What is your favorite color?

·         What is your father's middle name?

·         What is the name of your first grade teacher?

·         What was your high school mascot?

·         Which is your favorite web browser?

I can easily go on many of my Facebook friends’ profiles and steal their account info if I so wish because few think about the info they share. Even worst is that many frequently share their GPS locations, most times without even noticing. Facebook has a nasty little built feature in their app called Nearby Friends which activates when you give them access to your location. Anyone can access that information, using it I could tell one of my friends went to the doctor recently; one loved a certain house in a certain area she had no business being in during working hours, another was at a hotel’s restaurant and another was at a popular strip club. I called one and asked him what was he doing at X location when he should be on the other side of the island and he was convinced I was spying on him which technically I guess was but I  didn’t do anything other than just go on Facebook and click that option.

We talk too much and aren’t saying anything. We have come to depend so much on technology yet we haven’t stopped to consider what we might be saying and how much info we are giving away. In the digital age, there is no such thing as deleting what we have said. There is always a copy somewhere. Sometimes its good to shut up; learn to shut up.

Wrong Number, JCHS.

Wrong Number, JCHS.

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