The Predator Pt. 4

The Predator Pt. 4

The sun rose gracefully, its golden rays peeking from over the mountains. He opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling before the memory of the previous day came rushing back to him. He grinned to himself and glanced at his phone to check the time: 6am. He was early but in order to beat the traffic he had to start getting ready. He also had some emails to check but nothing that couldn’t wait, notifications that could be ignored until he got to the office and curiously he also had a few voice mails. Who still sent voice mails?


He frowned, dialed the number for the voice mail line and waited. Th robotic female voice did its mandatory greeting and prompted him to press the required number to listen his voice mail. The dulcet tones of the Boss’s secretary greeted him:

“ Hello, The Boss had called you on your phone yesterday and failed to get through to you. As such you have a 10am meeting with him and the Human Resources Manager. Have a good day.”


He frowned and wondered what the meeting could possible be about. He listened to the message twice more and wasn’t the wiser as to what he was to being summoned for. He robotically made breakfast while he pondered the puzzle of the phone call then gave up and headed to shower, dress and get to work.


His office was located at the end of the hallway and because of this he had to go through the charade of greeting everyone before he could enjoy its sweet solitude. In truth he despised most of them and would probably celebrate if they fell off the face of the planet but he needed their support if he wanted to advance in this company. Promotions were based on performance AND team work, an annoying system which prompted many work parties, secret gifts and the like. Private and personal life were often mixed though the company made sure the lines were not blurred, this was still a business of course. Personal issues stayed personal and if HR had to get involved then both parties were sure to be severely punished or fired, no questions asked.


He greeted each person he saw with what he was sure was his best smile but looked like a mere showing of his teeth. He reached his office, placed his bag in a corner then fired up his computer. He returned phone calls and responded to emails the began writing his proposals. He had completely forgotten about the meeting when the Boss’s secretary called him.

“Good morning, you have a 10am meeting in the Human Resources Manager’s office. Just calling to remind you” She said.

“I’m kinda busy right now but I will be there” he replied absentmindedly.

 He was pretty sure he had just sent an email to an incorrect colleague but tried to hide his irritation. He could never be mean to her, back when he just started he had tried dating her. It was… awkward, he thought it was a date, she just showed up for the food and company; a friendly meetup she called it. It was shortly after that he started seeing HER. He stopped and smiled at the memory of the day before, leaning back in his chair and remembered every move he made. He whipped out his phone and texted her, she was at class but would replied when she could. He left and began walking to the HR’s office.

The Human Resources Manager was a plump lady who had an easy smile and a soft voice. She was everyone’s friend but could harden like steel if necessary, she reminded him of his mother if she were nicer….. They made idle chit chat while waiting for the boss. The boss himself was an enigma: he was jovial with a dry sense of humour and had a sleepy look to him that tricked most persons into thinking he was dim witted. It was all a charade, he was crafty and cunning as hell and many opponents had learnt that the hard way. He had built the company from the bottom using funds he had borrowed from friends and family. He also was rumored to be gay though it could be argued that he just had no interest in relationships. At 42 years old, he was in his prime and could easily pass for 30: a friend basically summed in it up in a sentence “ His love is competition and he’s already figured people out.”


The door opened and the Boss walked in, his jacket was absent and his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He was laid back like that. He greeted each them warmly and grabbed an empty chair beside the HR Manager.

So how are you?” The Boss said with a smile.

“I’m fine Sir.” He replied softly.

“Good, good. That’s good to hear, I’ve reviewed your work since you started here and you do efficient work. I like that.”

“HR here tells me you’re also a good team player, a bit of a loner but that’s fine as long as the will to socialize is there.”

The HR Manager smiled and nodded at each word the Boss said, was he going to get a promotion?

The Boss seemed to sense this and chuckled.

“Now you must be wondering why we’re having this little meeting and a promotion would be a good thought…”

He held his breath and tried to hide his excitement.

“ A promotion would be very good Sir.” he replied.

“I agree” Said the Boss as he rose and walked around to sit on the desk.

“Just a few questions… That client from yesterday how did it go? I didn’t receive a report about that meeting”

“ I was still in the process of writing that report, Sir” He had to lie, the truth would’ve been far too worse.

Ahh, I see. No matter. Your promotion is still a go” He reached to shake his hand.

“Just one last thing..” The Boss said slowly. He locked eyes with him and continued:

What about that young lady you had sex yesterday?”



The silence in the room was deafening…..

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