Justin Bieber vs The Weeknd, Fake News and Big up of the Day

Justin Bieber vs The Weeknd, Fake News and Big up of the Day

Justin Bieber vs The Weeknd

No, it's not a hot new track or tour. Reports are coming in that the two are feuding as pictures of Selena Gomez out with the 'Can't Feel my Face' singer keep popping up all over the interwebs. It's alleged that Beiber threw some Shade at The Weeknd on Instagram Live to which  the Weeknd responded on Nav's new Track "Some Way" with the line"

"I think your girl, think your girl, fell in love with me," Weeknd sings. "She say my f**k and my tongue game a remedy."

That's some bad ass response there. And what do the fans think? Well we think both of you sound like idiots with too much time on your hands. Go take a chill in the studio.

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Fake News, Fake Views 

The term fake news has finally reached the breaking point in Jamaica that now the authorities have gotten involved. With the wake of the kidnapping and rapes becoming widespread, the rumour mill has been working overtime with websites eager to make money off the fear and shock of the public by spreading lies. This has proven troublesome for the police who are now being given wrong information and are now being hampered in their efforts to stop these crimes. The issue came to a head when persons claimed that the kidnappers were killing individuals in order to secure their organs to sell on the black market. Spreading fake or news on social media is an illegal act as one woman found out when she posted on Facebook that her ex boyfriend was one of the men involved in the kidnapping and raping women. She has now found herself behind bars. These rumours also put men who are innocent in danger as one man found out when he was out with his daughter in Westmoreland and was stabbed several times after being accused of being a kidnapper.


Big Up of the Day: Acting Police Commissioner Novelette Grant

Being the Police Commissioner is no easy task. It is a thankless job that sees you getting blamed for the ills of a police force that is woefully underfunded, waging an internal war with corruption and criminals who brazen enough to attack a police station in broad daylight. For anyone who takes the job, it is enough to drive one insane, especially for a woman. Traditionally seen as male position, to be at the head of this organization at this time is a phenomenal achievement and is truly worthy of praise.

But Novelette Grant is no push over, in fact she si described as:

" enlisted in the Jamaica Constabulary Force 26th October 1981 and completed two years of training in law and police procedures at the Jamaica Police Academy from which she graduated as the “Best all Round Performer” from a class of ninety‐nine. She has since received extensive training in law enforcement.

A career police officer with over thirty-five years’ experience in specialised and generalist police leadership and management; working in crime, operations, and administration, at the branch, divisional, area and portfolio levels; leading key reforms including the JCF Reform and Modernization Program and the recommendations of the 2008 JCF Strategic Review."

She may be the acting Police Commissioner right now but she has my support to take up the position. Here's to Novelette Grant, breaking barriers and taking crap from no one. BIG UP!

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