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10 Hilarious Tweets about the #Tsunami

Patrick Lawson3 Comments
10 Hilarious Tweets about the #Tsunami

Jamicans are no strangers to laughing in the face and adversity, we have the long tradition of "tekking bad things mek joke" and last night was no different when a magnitude 7.6 earthquake triggered off the coast of Honduras prompted a tsunami watch for several Caribbean islands. In true Jamaican style, the gimmicks were out in full face

Of course, the legend of Gilbert had to be resurrected. Known to the "young bud nuh kno storm" of the elderly generation and the measuring stick of every natural disaster to strike the island.

Of course we had the skeptical bordering on insane making claims like:

And what is a natural disaster warning without wondering if work or even Jamaica is keeping the next day?

What's a natural disaster without a personality? Obviously not a Jamaican one. Gwaan home boss.

Of course, religion plays a vital role in Jamaica and nothing gets a pastor more horny than a good scare for his wayward flock. Saturday/Sunday morning expect fire and tsunami.

To all those who have been slacking off on your New Year's Resolution, here is your wake up call.

Some members of Jamaican Twitter simply pulled a Rosa Park and were like Nah. 

Obligatory Wake up dead joke of course

Of course, Brands couldn't resist the urge to get on the bandwagon but Rough Rider took the win. Digicel probably out fixing towers or something, Flow is a no. Last thing I want is any "flowing" of many "waters."