Update: Mi Still Deh Yah

This update has been long overdue but big things a gwaan!!!…. in the background. New stuff coming. Stories, podcast that YouTube thing. I might even drop a mixtape… Hmm now there’s an idea.

The Short Guide To Adulthood

Growing up should be a great time for anyone but’s it’s often how surprising how we unprepared we are for it. How do I do taxes? What are mortgages? How do I schedule a doctor’s visit without my mom present? Do I still need her permission to go out?

I Don't Want Kids...

Having children has become one of the rites of passage in becoming an adult. But what of us who decide not to join the rat race in who can have a child in life first? Why are viewed as strange because our plans don’t include having kids?

42 with a 45: The Vybz Kartel Effect

Perhaps Jamaica's most infamous production, Vybz Kartel remains a polarizing figure up to this day. Often bombastic and controversial, he remains a curious person; a dominating figure looming over the industry both as its standard and the worst it has to offer...

Finding Your Happy Place

The stress of everyday life eventually catches up with us all and we all need to unplug and just recharge to deal with it all.. Here are a few tips that can help you to get back to your happy place.

Sitting In Half Way Tree

Half Way Tree is arguably Jamaica's most well known and features a wide cross section of Jamaicans from all walks of life going about their daily lives. Here is an observations of some of the intereactions that take place in Half Way Tree.